Pam Vredevelt
Professional Counselor, Author, Speaker
Experience with Pam a Proven Path of Hope & Healing
after a Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Loss of a Baby




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Gain strength from the timeless wisdom of Scripture and cutting-edge brain science.

Meet Pam Vredevelt

Her reputation as a sought-after counselor, popular conference speaker, and best-selling author is built on her ability to explore real life issues with authenticity, warmth, and humor. Compelling stories, engaging faith, and perceptive insight give Pam the rare ability to inspire and empower audiences with practical tools for long lasting change.


is a one-of-a-kind transforming experience for grieving parents who have lost a pregnancy, baby or child

Experience with Pam a proven path of hope and healing.

What People Are Saying

  • "Pam Vredevelt's Empty Arms Journal is an indispensable tool for wading through the heart wrenching pain of a miscarriage to find hope. I clung to Pam's first edition of Empty Arms like a life raft after my miscarriage. It was passed down to me by my aunt, who had also been given the book during her time of loss, and I've since passed it to a friend who has done the same. Our copy is well loved and wellworn, having been stained with countless tears, pages dogeared and many passages underlined highlighted or circled. The Empty Arms Journal now expands upon the richness of Pam's guidance, allowing the reader to fully engage in the healing process, also aiding the reinforcement of key concepts, encouragement and scripture. Pam's words and exercises provide optimal support, feeling like you're being wrapped in love while at your loneliest."

    Katie Harman Ebner
    Katie Harman Ebner Miss America 2002 and Acclaimed Classical Vocalist / Lyric Soprano
  • "Pam captures the heart of what women experience when losing a baby. Her willingness to share her story is an inspiration! The practical advice and wisdom found in 'Empty Arms' is second to none."

    Dr. Gary Smalley
    Dr. Gary Smalley Family Counselor, Bestselling Author, appearances on Oprah Winfrey, Larry King Live, Extra, and the NBC Today Show
  • "Where do you turn when you suffer the deep and very personal loss of a baby? Empty Arms, offers tender words of hope and wisdom for those in grief. Pam Vredevelt's keen insight into the physical, emotional, and spiritual impact of losing a baby brings peace and comfort to broken hearts. After four miscarriages, I seriously wondered if I'd ever NOT be sad. I wish I had known about Empty Arms. I highly recommend this book!"

    Lisa Jacobson
    Lisa Jacobson Founder of Club 31 Women Blog, Award Winning Author
  • “Professional counselor Pam Vredevelt knows the personal heartache of losing a child. Empty Arms Journal is an important book to help your healing process.”

    W. Terry Whalin
    W. Terry Whalin Author of More Than 60 Books Including Billy Graham, A Biography of America's Greatest Evangelist
  • "Pam's ability to relate with women suffering the trauma of pregnancy loss, and to guide them through the healing process is amazing! The best people to help us heal are always those who fully understand and empathize with our hurt."

    Michael Smalley
    Michael Smalley Best Selling Author and CEO Smalley Institute
  • “Healing from a miscarriage or stillbirth is a complicated process, and having walked that road with several close friends, I know how essential Pam's counsel is. Both from personal and professional experience, she has been beautifully equipped to help the process of healing — physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Girded with biblical truth, this book will resonate with and help many, many readers."

    Shaunti Feldhahn
    Shaunti Feldhahn Researcher and Best Selling Author of For Women Only
  • "A healing path through grief, The Empty Arms Journal, is a road map to assist in rewiring the brain. Grief affects every nerve system in the body. Recovery from deep loss is like healing from a physical injury, though deeper and more difficult to grasp. Coordinated exercise of both the emotional memory and expressive brain circuits has been proven to help heal deep grief. Pam Vredevelt, an understanding therapist who has personally walked this course more than once, crafted this workbook. With expertise, she leads the reader through the steps of embracing loss and reshaping emotional pain. Using multiple methods of sensory expression and solid scriptural reflections,this workbook provides hours of comforting re­growth for the spirit and mind. Healing is clearly aided by engaging expressive output from the brain. I have carefully reviewed the content of this guidebook and strongly recommend it as a recovery tool within a Christian framework. This book will assist any believer struggling with the deep wounds of loss of an infant or child."

    Warner B. Swarner
    Warner B. Swarner M.D. Clinical Psychiatrist, Portland, Oregon
  • "Pam in my friend and I trust her. She is also brilliant, professional, intuitive and compassionate. Her work is not theoretical. She knows personally the heartbreak about that which she speaks and writes. As a result what she offers is deeply helpful. The challenge: you will not come to healing without your participation. You must do the hard work."

    Wm Paul Young
    Wm Paul Young Author, The Shack, Cross Roads, Eve
  • Pam Vredevelt has skillfully crafted a tool of healing that will be used mightily in the lives of all who are willing to use it.   In the Empty Arms Journal: A 21-Day Guide For Healing After Pregnancy Loss she combines her gifts as a counselor,  true life experience, and Scripture in a way that will help turn one's sorrow into joy.  As a family physician, I plan to make this valuable resource available to my patients who experience pregnancy loss.  In addition to being an incredible author, Pam is a beautiful person whom I have known many years.

    Dr. James Walker
    Dr. James Walker Family Practice Physician, Georgia




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