• A Creative Healing Path Through Grief.   “All told, probably more women have lost a child from this world than haven’t,” (Barbara Kingsolver, p. 81 in Empty Arms Journal). Yet thousands of would-be mothers more often than not suffer silently, alone. Pam Vredevelt invites those who have lived through pregnancy loss to walk with her on a healing path through grief using a creative journaling experience. This unique book offers five daily practical steps that address healing for the whole person--body, soul, spirit, heart and brain, with space to respond to prompts by writing or drawing. As a professional counselor, Pam has expertise in the psychological methods of dealing with loss; as a mother, she has personally been there, having lost two children; as a Christian she has strong personal faith and relies on prayer and the comfort of Scripture. Her compassion, wisdom, and hope come through in her kind, beautifully crafted words of healing.

    Gail G. "Empty Arms Journal"  Amazon Review
  • Thank You For This... My wife has had four miscarriages. We wish this had been available when she was dealing with this. Her faith carried her through, but this journal could help women walk through the emotional process of dealing with the loss of a child. Journaling is a great idea to have something to look back on to see how far God has brought you. Journaling shows your journey. This is a beautiful idea! Thank you for writing it!

    Robert Dalton "Empty Arms Journal"  Amazon Review
  • An Essential Companion Through Grief.   Having had the privilege of working closely with Pam while she wrote this powerful volume, I know how deeply she understands the grief of losing a child and the process necessary for healing heartache. "Grief tends to hinder our ability to sense God’s presence," she writes. "We wonder where He is, and why He didn’t show up to write a different ending to our story." Surely this is a universal response to such a devastating loss, and Pam has been there. Both her book, Empty Arms, and now this companion journal are essential companions through the complexities of the grieving process. With deep compassion and hard-won wisdom, she walks alongside those whose hearts have been crushed and offers insight, comfort, and hope.

    Traci Mullins "Empty Arms Journal"  Amazon Review
  • This Journal Is Not Only A Great Tool For A Woman Who Has Suffered The Loss...   Must read for everyone! This journal is not only a great tool for a woman who has suffered the loss of a child, or even for a dad who experiences the loss as well, but for anyone who has experienced loss or wants to understand how to be a support to someone they love. This book is a journey of the heart and will benefit deeply anyone who has the courage to embark on it! Do it afraid if you have to but I encourage you to do it, for you! Hugs for the journey❤️

    Kelly Northcraft "Empty Arms Journal"  Amazon Review
  • A Must For Anyone Who Has Walked Through The Loss Of Their Baby.   This is a stunningly beautiful tool for anyone who has experienced the loss of a child. Having Pam walk with you through this 21 day experience is absolutely life-changing. This journal and its companion book (Empty Arms) is a must for every grief counselor and pregnancy center. The Empty Arms Journal is a balm to a broken heart.

    Yvonne Parks "Empty Arms Journal"  Amazon Review
  • Invaluable Resource.   Anyone who has experienced loss knows that grief can be overwhelming and can come in unexpected ways. Empty Arms Journal is a unique and invaluable resource to help you understand the grief process and personalize your journey on the path to healing. Pam's sensitive approach can be individualized for your own timing and needs. There are practical tips and supportive scientific research that will benefit you now and in the future.

    Joy Marsh "Empty Arms Journal"  Amazon Review
  • A Healing Guide.   You are not alone! If you have suffered deep loss, Pam Vredevelt's Empty Arms Journal will guide you through a healing process. Like a friend that comes beside you when you are grieving, The Empty Arms journal will help bring hope and hope.

    Sue "Empty Arms Journal"  Amazon Review