A Mother’s Day Gift – Remembering Those Who Hurt

​Have you noticed?

Everywhere you turn, one word keeps popping up like spring flowers: MOTHER.

It's a word that causes some women to feel love and joy, and others to feel sad, angry, and confused. I've had my fair share of years being in the second group.

Mother's Day is particularly rough for those who have lost a baby or child.

Can we make a point to remember them with love this week?

In honor of these women, I've created a gift set of three free videos designed to offer
comfort, guidance and hope:

3 Biggest Mistakes

​​This series is accompanied by 3 video Help Sheets, to take notes and guide them through the tips that are shared.

May I ask a favor?

Will you share this gift with friends and family this week?

​Learn more about the free gift videos by ​viewing this video:

Anyone can sign up to receive the free series by clicking the button below:

​Thank you for hearing my heart and remembering with love.


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